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Can you afford the rising cost of vehicle repairs?

Can you afford NOT to be protected? Our coverage protects your vehicle when unexpected break downs occur.

Our Protection = Your Peace of Mind


ASE Certified Repair Facility

With a vehicle service contract from Precision Auto Protection you can select any ASE Certified Mechanic including your dealership to preform your repairs. All of our plans include rental car coverage so you will have transportation while your vehicle is being worked on.


24/7 Roadside Assistance

Stuck on the side of the road? Our protection plans tow your vehicle and provide a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired! Contact us today for coverage, the cost of our coverage is less then a full tank of gas every month.


Precision Auto Protection

Helping You Save Money

At Precision Auto Protection we strive to help Consumers save money on the high cost of vehicle repairs by providing coverage with a vehicle service contract. Our extended service contracts include Supreme, Luxury, Select, and Driveline coverage plans. Each plan covers the key components of your vehicle so when your vehicle breaks down our 24/7 Free Roadside Assistance will send out a tow truck to get your vehicle and you will be provided with a rental car while you wait for your vehicle to be repaired. Once your vehicle has been repaired you pay your low deductible payment and the bill gets paid with our corporate credit card.



Integrity & Excellence

Industry leader in customer service

Our Commitment to integrity and excellence has positioned us as an industry leader in customer service. We stand behind all of our coverage plans with a commitment to treating every customer honestly. Precision Auto Protection provides vehicle service contracts with…

• Instant Qualification
• No credit check to qualify
• No fee payment plans
• Low Down payments to get your coverage started today!
• Our coverage provides up to 100,000 miles of additional protection


B+ Rating

Proud to stand behind our service and above the rest!

Precision Auto Protection is proud to stand behind our B+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. Our contracts come with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee so you can purchase the contract that fits your needs and review the contract before deciding to keep the coverage plan you purchased. If for any reason you are not happy with the coverage plan you purchased you can call in to our customer service department and we will refund 100% of the down payment you made to purchase the contract.



Coverage Plan

Most Comprehensive

The most comprehensive vehicle service contract plan available for any newer vehicles and/or lower mileage vehicles. With our supreme coverage the question is what doesn’t this plan cover? Get protection on electrical failures, engine and transmission failures, front and rear suspension, heating and cooling systems, steering components, fuel system and most of your complex components.

Covered Parts



Coverage Plan

Exceptional Coverage

Exceptional coverage for vehicles that do not qualify for the more comprehensive plan due to the year and/or the current mileage on your vehicle, our Luxury coverage will get you protection on your cooling and heating systems, parts of your braking system, fuel system and even complex components such as ABS master cylinder, temperature control units, keyless entry system and so much more.

Covered Parts



Coverage Plan

Price Conscious

Excellent coverage for the price conscious person. If you have less than 100,000 miles on your vehicle this plan is for you. Get protection today to help against some of the most expensive repairs for your engine, transmission, electrical failures, suspension components, steering system, drive axles and fuel system.

Covered Parts



Coverage Plan

High Mileage Vehicles

This plan provides excellent coverage and value for higher mileage vehicles whether or not the vehicle was purchased new or used. Our Driveline protection plan will help with the most common mechanical breakdowns, such as your radiator, alternator, AC compressor and condenser, and all internally lubricated parts of your engine and transmission.

Covered Parts

Frequently Asked Questions:

I already have auto insurance, why do I need an extended vehicle service contract?

Precision Auto Protection covers you in similar ways that auto insurance covers your vehicle in case of an accident. The difference is Precision Auto Protection will cover you for the mechanical breakdowns. If your transmission was to go out your auto insurance is not going to cover a penny of the repair cost, with Precision Auto Protection the cost will be covered in full, your auto insurance company would not pay anything for that repair.

My dealers already sold me a service contract when I purchased my vehicle. Why should I get a new one?

The protection plan that you purchased at your dealer will expire sooner than later. It has an expiration date. When the coverage is expired you are vulnerable to the high cost of getting your vehicle repaired regardless of the breakdown. Precision Auto Protection will be able to help you with a peace of mind knowing that you are covered in case of a breakdown, again it’s not a question of what will happen the question is when.
How soon can I make a claim with my new service contract?
You can make your first claim after 30 days and 1000 miles. The reason we have to do this is because we have noticed people have tried to abuse the system and get a vehicle serviced with an existing mechanical problem. Unfortunately we cannot cover any existing issues; all of our policies have a grace period of 30 days and 1000 miles.
Are you affiliated with any dealers/factory warranty plans?
Precision Auto Protection is not affiliated with any dealership or factory warranty dealer. The vehicle service plans that Precision Auto Protection offer are different from the dealer warranty. With our service plans you don’t have to worry about your dealership going out of business and losing your coverage, with your service protection plan with Precision Auto Protection you can bring your vehicle to any certified ASE mechanic shop.
What happens if I need a rental car?
Many of our programs allow you to get rental car reimbursement. You don’t have to worry about not being able to get around while your vehicle is being repaired. The coverage plans do vary so depending on what plan you have just call the toll free number on your vehicle protection card for assistance.
What if I plan on selling my car in a couple of years? Will my service contract carry over to the new owner?
Yes, the vehicle service contract is fully transferable. This may even help you in selling the vehicle saving the new owner money on getting a new one or in the case of a breakdown.

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